CATER’s Losing Angels Lawsuit Cost Anaheim Taxpayers Nearly $200,000

anaheim_angelsDan Chmielewski reports over at that the CATER coffee klatch has cost Anaheim taxpayers nearly $200,000 due to the group’s lawsuit over the now-defunct, non-binding Angels negotiations framework:

Its late November and time for Hot Stove talk when it comes to Major League Baseball and besides hiring Bud Black as a special assistant, the real Angels action is inaction in the form of no negotiations with the city of Anaheim.  One of the factors has to be the lawsuit against the city on behalf of CATER, where most of the items have been dismissed by a judge and its down to whether or not the city gave CATE President Cynthia Ward every document she asked for in an exhaustive Public Records Act request.

The Liberal OC has learned Anaheim taxpayers are on the hook for nearly $200,000  — $195,000 specifically to cover legal fees associated with the lawsuit.

From Anaheim’s Public Information Office, this tidbit:

Approximately $195,000 in attorneys’ fees has been directed from City resources to defend our position in this CATER lawsuit. Our goal in the Angels Baseball negotiations remains to keep the team in Anaheim for years to come, and this lawsuit is a distraction in what we need to accomplish. We have succeeded in dismissing all claims that the City violated the Brown Act and continue to defend the remaining claim.”

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  1. As usual that chucklehead has it wrong.

    CATER didn’t cost the City a dime. “The City” cost us taxpayers $200,000. All they had to do was follow the Brown Act and the PRA then take a re-vote. That would have cost NOTHING.

    But they wouldn’t do it. Why not? Think it was because they had something to hide?

    BTW, Arte has just wasted two of the three years he got for FREE from Brandman, Murray, Kring et al. So he really didn’t have anyplace else to go, did he Charlie?

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