LAT Reporter’s Claim To Have Killed The Eastern Gateway Project Is Laughable

Yesterday, Los Angeles Times reporter Daniel Miller essentially took credit for Disney’s decision to cancel its Eastern Gateway Project:

Hubris? Ignorance? Shameless self-promotion? All of the above?

Miller’s implied claim betrays an embarrassing level of ignorance about how development works. Think about it: Miller is saying that in the 30 days since his articles appeared, Disney was able to whip up a ready-to-go development plan that integrates a new, cutting-edge 4-Diamond hotel with its other three Anaheim hotel properties (the Disneyland Hotel, the Grand Californian and Paradise Pier) plus a new 6,500 space parking structure.

Anyone with a passing understanding of development and all the studies, plans, etc., a project of this scale would involve, knows that what Miller is claiming is impossible.

Miller reportedly spent nearly a year working on his two-part series and Disney and Anaheim politics – and it still came out sharply biased. Surely the implied claim that these articles killed the Eastern Gateway Project merit a few hours of investigation prior to being made?

Miller overlooks the obvious factors, such as the rash decision by the “People’s Council” to force the mass resignation of all city commissioners – including members of the Planning Commission. The fetishizing of districting trumped good governance and temporarily lobotomized the Planning Commission, causing projects to slow to a crawl. This unanticipated pause becomes an opportunity for Disney to re-evaluate the Eastern Gateway Project. Add in uncertainty about the city council in the wake of the 2016 elections, plus the hectoring from a number of Harbor Boulevard property owners and decision to cancel the Eastern Gateway and focus on developing the westside of the Disneyland Resort isn’t that surprising in retrospect.

Furthermore, Miller’s articles focused on the TOT economic assistance agreements to support 4-Diamond hotel development projects. How does it make sense that Disney would respond by re-locating the parking structure – which it is building on its own dime?

And it’s laughable to imply Disney made these decisions and developed these plans in the 30 days since Miller’s articles appeared. That kind of self-aggrandizement further erodes the already-compromised credibility of Miller’s articles.


  1. Another self serving, self promoting idiot who feeds the “fake news” drum beat.

  2. Note to Dr. Jose Moreno and the other “activists”: Be careful what you wish for.

    Disney still owns the land on the East, I can assure you it won’t go to waste!

  3. West side make much more sense. Went to the meetings regarding the Disney east side plan and the business concerns. Disney did not really have an answer regarding access from the parking structure and the bridge for folks to get onto Harbor Blvd. Looked like Disney wanted all folks to eat at Disney property places and keep folks in Disney property. West side will work except for more traffic in our area. Hope they will open access from Cerritos so we do not have to walk through disney hotels, and whatever else they will be developing. Would like to visit Downtown Disney without having to walk to Disney Way etc. Should be exciting time for the neighborhood. Now I will wait for UNITE Here to start their boycott claiming whatever they choose to boycott. Hope they will hire union members for the boycott site and pay union wages while the folks are boycotting,

    • The reason they had no answer is because it would spill the beans that they want to expand DCA into the current transportation area off Harbor. There would be no room for security for the Harbor guests who joined the walkway at Harbor instead of back at the eastern gateway. Once over the bridge the guests would follow a walkway along the south side of Disneyland until reaching the park gates.

  4. The failing LA Times is fake news!

  5. Yeah the LAT reporter is a little full of himself. Crazy though that the new council majority would be so petty to reconfigure the planning commission with the current backlog of projects in the pipeline. Very stupid thing to do tight now! i am sure Moreno is scheming up a way to try and stall this project as,well because of his hatred of all things Disney. He needs to go.

  6. What I found interesting is that Disney gave the LA Times the shaft, refusing to return phone calls and e-mails.

    Story Timeline –
    Wednesday, Disney announces the project on its own Blog Site, Shortly thereafter the OC Register/SCNG has a series of 3 articles about the major new project on its website. Other news outlets pick up the story.

    Thursday, The OCR has the story on the front page, above the fold in print.
    That afternoon, the LA Times finally mentions the new project on its website. (The article Daniel Miller links to) And admits it was given the shaft by Disney. Here is the key sentence…

    >>Resort representatives didn’t respond to a call and email from the Los Angeles Times but have confirmed to other news outlets that the Eastern Gateway project has been dropped. <<


  7. Disney should buy the LA Times for one cent on the dollar, rename it LA Tunes, and make everyone wear Goofy uniforms and write stories about Tunetown!

  8. The deafening silence from Disney on this project began last January and had much more to do with the lawyered-up local businesses, and potential bad P.R. that would go along with it, than any tense relationship with the city of Anaheim. Shelving this project isn’t going to change that relationship one iota. Miller’s not only full of himself, he’s full of a bunch of other stuff.

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