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Recalling Sen. Josh Newman over his vote for the SB 1 gas tax increases is a top priority for California Republicans. It would deprive the Democrats of their two-thirds majority in the state Senate and return the competitive 29th Senate District to the GOP column.

California Democrats, naturally, are pulling out all the stops the defeat the recall, including the use of banana republic tactics the change the law in the middle of the game in order to prevent Newman from having to face the voters in a recall.

Below is an online video featuring Anaheim Councilman and left-wing Democrat Jose F. Moreno making a “Maul the Recall” pitch to voters to oppose the Newman recall:

Standing with Moreno is Anaheim Union High School District Trustee Al Jabbar, a progressive Democrat and government union activist who has been leading anti-charter school forces in central Orange County. Jabbar was Moreno’s campaign manager in 2016.

Moreno eked out a a 72-vote win in November 2016. This narrow victory was due in part to the efforts of Republican Mayor Tom Tait (who campaign heavily for Moreno), as well as to conservative donor Howard F. Ahmanson – paid to put Moreno and another progressive Democrat candidate for Anaheim council on the Landslide Communications slate cards owned by conservative Republican Jim Lacy.

So here we see some of the fruits of that investment: Moreno using his status as an Anaheim councilman to oppose the Republican campaign to recall Newman and end the two-thirds Democrat super-majority in the state Senate.

Moreno, like his campaign manager Jabbar, as an ardent foe of the charter school movement – a cause to which Ahmanson has contributed larges sums of money. The Home Savings of American heir is right to support the charter school cause. At the same time, he might re-consider strategically short-sighted support for electing left-wing Democrats like Moreno who then leverage their consequently empowered electoral status to fight causes Ahmanson and conservatives in general support.


  1. Yet the OC GOP is baffled why they’re losing ground. It’s not rocket science!!

  2. Jose Moreno is all about tax increases. He also just led a workshop that proposes massive fee increases on the people of Anaheim. It’s no surprise he supports Newman!

  3. These two Socialists should have their own tv show titled, RAISING TAXES!

  4. I was a supporter at one time. I though Jose was going to be good for Anaheim. He is not. I work for the city and my wife works for Anaheim Elementary and we heat is bad from this guy. It has become clear that he is not about what is best for our city and our kids, but what is good for his power and his friends. Look at what Jabbar and Rueles are doing to Anaheim High. They are also trying to fire Linda Wagner because she doesn’t play race politics like them. Its a shame.

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