Jose F. Moreno Criticizes OC Democrat Legislators For Being Too Moderate

During an interview last month on a progressive Internet program, Anaheim Councilman Jose F. Moreno criticized other Orange County Democrats for being too moderate in their politics. Moreno, a vocal Berniecrat who hails from the far-left of the political spectrum, specifically called out Rep. Lou Correa, Assemblyman Tom Daly and former Rep. Loretta Sanchez:

I was told constantly, right, when you run for office in Orange County you gotta be moderate. You see that in a lot of our Democrats. Loretta Sanchez constantly would say “I can’t sponsor the DREAM Act because this is a moderate county but if it comes to the floor, I’ll vote for it.” She was adamant about that for 15 years with the DREAM team. We set up meetings with the original Orange County DREAM team, trying to urge her, and she’d say “No. It’s too moderate of a county. I can’t take those positions.”

You see that from our Assemblymember, Tom Daly. We see that with Lou Correa. We see that with all these Democrats. And there may be reasons for why they do it – I’m not gonna say they’re bad people because of it – but they basically propped up a moderate system. So to me it’s…is it that the electorate is moderate? Or that it’s moderated?

This is is not exactly new. For year, Moreno has lambasted Correa and Daly – both directly and by implication – for being “corporate Democrats” who sell out what he sees as party principles. Although it bears noting Moreno only registered as a Democrat in 2014, shortly before he announced his first campaign for Anaheim City Council.

Moreno’s comments are ironic given how he has moderated his political rhetoric and stances. Rarely does he hurl progressive-Left thunderbolts from his Facebook page at less revolutionary politicians. Candidate Moreno criticized the anti-camping ordinance for being about pushing the homeless out of city parks. Councilman Moreno has since back-pedaled from that stance. Candidate Moreno supported declaring Anaheim a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. Councilman Moreno quickly abandoned that stance in favor of a more bland “Welcome Anaheim” program.

This was most likely driven by the unexpected necessity of having to run for re-election in two years in an off-year election in which the electorate would be smaller and more conservatives. However, this prophylactic moderation only serves to make his needling Correa, Daly and Sanchez come off as phony and self-serving.


  1. Jose is absolutely right, Loretta Sanchez was turned into a moderate by never-Trump Republicans. She also stopped mailing out those promiscuous postcards.

  2. Wrong Winnebago Loretta might have looked at everyone in her district to govern but I’m no fan of either. Jose “Master Race” Moreno want no borders no ice and no arrests.

  3. Daly and Correa understand the desires of their constituents, as did Sanchez. That is who the were elected to represent, and are doing a fine job of it. MoreNO doesn’t even pretend to understand this very basic concept, which is why he needs to be ousted in November.


  4. Moreno is for sure a Socialist and that is working well for him. His district has turned against him because he did not deliver on his promises. He did not represent his district and actually his district has declined since his reign of terror. We will vote him out.

    How is it that you know Loretta Sanchez is promiscuous? Do you know her personally? What do you facts do you base your classification on?

    • Socialist Jose Moreno is not involved in that type of inappropriate behavior. If you are going to complain about Moreno then you need to apply equal standards to Loretta Sanchez, that flake Lou Correa, and that loser Tim Daly. They all need to get out of politics, go get a real job and stop freeloading off taxpayers. America needs term limits!

      • So the way Lorretta Sanchez dressed made her “promiscuous”? The way someone dresses does not make them promiscuous. Granted as a politician and in the public eye maybe her behavior was ill advised but it does not make her promiscuous.

        I would much rather have a person who is showing me who they are than someone who hides who they are. That way I could make a choice with my vote.

        Now, Jose Moreno is a different type of politician. He the type who hides who he is. He is all smoke and mirrors. He has not done right by the district he was voted in to represent, rather he has been at work self promoting throughout Orange County. He represents Jose Moreno.



  6. Shut your doors if Jose Moreno comes by to “share our message of continuing the momentum we’ve built on Council.” Don’t listen he has let down the district he was elected to represents and the entire city. We are worse off because of him.

    Do not vote for Jose Moreno do not buy what he is trying to sell you.

    • If you are feeling incessantly bitter then you have to buy Jose Moreno’s book The Elusive Quest for Equality. You can buy it on Amazon for $27.

  7. I’ll gladly open my door if Moreno comes knocking. That way I can get the satisfaction of slamming it closed in his face.


  8. DON’T VOTE FOR JOSE MORENO – he is terrible for District 3 and all of Anaheim.

  9. Promiscuous: having or involving many sexual partners : not restricted to one sexual partner or few sexual partners. What knowledge do you have of her sexual history?

    Jose Moreno’s voting record is a record of who he is and who he represents. He has not helped his district, rather to the contrary, we are worse off than we were before. He pushed for the peoples map so that each district could have a voice yet in District 3 – his district – his voice was silent. Drive around District 3 and see for yourself.


  10. This criticism of two electeds who win elections by large margins from a first time city council member (and only a Democrat since 2014) who won by less than 100 votes in the city’s most Latino district is disheartening. Voters always have choices to make.

    Once elected, it’s about addition and not subtraction. The Democratic Party is supposed to be a big tent where progressive liberal views and moderate Democrats can unite. This criticism is counterproductive.


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