Mimi Walters Endorses Kris Murray For 3rd District Supervisor

The Kris Murray for Supervisor campaign announced an endorsement from Rep. Mimi Walters for the former Anaheim councilwoman’s candidacy for 3rd District Supervisor.

“I am proud to support strong women leaders like Kris Murray, who has served the people of Orange County for decades. Not only is Murray a proven champion for taxpayers, her record of accomplishment on the City Council is unparalleled in local government,” stated Walters in a release issued by the Murray campaign. “Murray has my full faith and confidence and our community will be well served by her leadership.”

Congresswoman Walters represents California’s 45th congressional district, which overlaps extensively with the seat Murray is seeking. The third district Supervisor seat will be open at the first of the year as a result of Supervisor Todd Spitzer being elected as Orange County District Attorney.

The Murray campaign also announced her endorsement by the California Women’s Leadership Association Political Action Committee.

“Kris Murray is the most qualified candidate in this race. She has been a tireless advocate for addressing the homeless crisis in the region, and has prioritized additional funding for public safety to keep our communities safe,” said CWLA PAC Executive Director Ashley Hayek. “Kris has truly prioritized the quality of life for residents through road repairs, extending library hours, hiring additional police officers and firefighters in the city, and authoring a ban on sex offenders in city parks to keep children safe.”

“As a County Supervisor, I will protect taxpayers throughout Orange County, who are the backbone of our community,” said Kris Murray. “I believe it is my responsibility to fight for them and to support common sense public policy that improves the quality of life for all county residents. It’s an honor to have the endorsement of CWLA PAC – a group that supports only candidates dedicated to meaningful change and responsible economic growth.”

From the Murray campaign: Murray served as Mayor Pro Tem and a member of the Anaheim City Council for the past eight years and has become a recognized leader on some of the County’s most pressing issues, like homelessness. While on the Council, Murray played a critical role eliminating miles of unsustainable homeless encampments, creating thousands of local, skilled jobs, and generating hundreds of millions in new city and county revenue — money that supports police, fire and vital community services for residents. Murray was able to do this while maintaining her commitment to keeping local taxes and fees low.

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