Proposal Would Require Majority Vote Of Council To Confirm Commission Appointees

Another item on this evening’s council agenda is a reform of how the council makes appointments to city commissions.

When the Tait-Moreno majority took control of the council following the November 2016 election, it undertook a radical restructuring of city commissions: forcing a mass resignation of all commissioners and changing the appointment process to reflect district-based council elections. Commissioners would be appointed by district, and each councilmember was given the absolute discretion in appointing the commissioners from his or her district.

The proposed reform in agenda Item 29 enshrines the district-based commission appointments, while requiring those appointments be approved by a majority vote of the city council.

This is how the Orange County Board of Supervisors manages commission appointments. Supervisors are elected by districts, and commissioners are appointed on a district-basis. However, each appointee must be approved by a majority vote of the Board.

The district-based system for making commission appointments remains intact – but with the added balance of necessitating buy-in by rest of the city council. In reality, it would be highly unlikely that any commission appointee would not be approved.


  1. Reality Calling on Line 4

    WOW. We saw “Meth Mom” Renee Balenti on her high horse.

    Google Renee Balenti vs. County of Orange social services. Then google her husband Boaz Balenti METH.

    These are Verns anonymous buddies. Not exactly the model citizens.

  2. David Michael Klawe

    The measure passed 4-3, with Denise Barnes, Jordan Brandman and Dr. Moreno voting Nay.

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