Welcome To Stableheim

This week, the Anaheim City Council approved a series of senior staff appointments that promise the bring the Unstableheim Era to a close.

Acting Deputy City Manager/Planning Director David Belmer was appointed Deputy City Manager. He will oversee the Community & Economic Development, Planning, and Public Works departments.

Acting Assistant City Manager Greg Garcia was appointed Deputy City Manager and will oversee the Community Services, Finance, and Conventions, Sports and Entertainment departments, as well as the city’s communications apparatus and senior administrative analyst.

City Clerk Linda Andal – who served last year as Interim City Manager – was appointed Director of Human Resources. As the name implies, she will oversee hiring and personnel matters, as well as negotiations with the city employee bargaining units.

The city organizational chart is available here.

Less than a year ago, Anaheim city government was run by an Interim City Manager, an Acting City Attorney, an Acting Police Chief, an Acting City Clerk, and Acting Assistant City Manager and and Acting Deputy City Manager.

Last year,  the city hired permanent a City Manager, City Attorney and Police Chief – Chris Zapata, Robert Fabela and Jorge Cisneros. As a result of this week’s appointments, City Hall has achieved a level of stability and permanence absent during the past several years. While the position of fire chief is vacant due to the recent retirement of Chief Randy Breugmann, and Bellmer’s promotion means a new Planning Director must be hired – this is squarely in the realm of normal turnover.

Furthermore, since the swearing in of Mayor Harry Sidhu and the emergence of a new council majority, the city council is conducting the people’s business in a more expeditious and efficient manner – a welcome change from the grinding late night meetings had become the norm in recent years. The council is working smarter and being more productive. This week, for example, the council was able to start on time, work its way through a substantial agenda and adjourn by the respectable hour of 9:45 p.m.


  1. Organizational Management of Change

    “This week, for example, the council was able to start on time, work its way through a substantial agenda and adjourn by the respectable hour of 9:45 p.m.”

    That you use this as a measure of success and health is sad.

  2. Where does the Clerk report to? The org chart does not mention that role

    • David Michael Klawe

      From the city’s website

      >>The Office of the City Clerk is responsible for a myriad of functions and is comprised of three core functions: official records, elections and passport services. Responsibilities include maintenance of the city’s legislative history, City Charter and Municipal Code; administering special and general municipal elections; coordinating and administering all activities of Council meetings in compliance with the Brown Act and related Government Codes; administering the city-wide Records Management Program; managing and coordinating Council appointed boards and commissions; and ensuring compliance with the Political Reform Act and AB1234. The City Clerk is also the custodian of the City seal and is appointed by and reports to the City Council.<<

      The clerk works with the City Manager and the City Council in a auditor type role. She insures that specific functions are handled in a proper way. So the clerk is not part of the organizational chart, but oversees it.

  3. Ahh David Belmer my list of the top most reviled.
    And add Andal to the list of Trump style liars as she can manipulate the truth in crazy ways.
    Look for Linda’s tweets coming soon – “We will make the Latinos pay for a wall around the resort area”.

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