Should Living Wage Advocates Have To Pay A Living Wage?

Attention social justice warriors: Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE) is hiring a community organizer for Orange County.

For those unfamiliar with CLUE, it’s essentially the radical clergy auxiliary for left-wing labor unions. Its applies a varnish of religiosity to progressive causes du jour: the “living” wage, open borders, supporting teacher strikes, environmental justice, opposing charter schools, etc.  CLUE clergy are fixtures at union or social justice street civil disobedience “actions.” They were a prominent at UNITE-HERE Local 11’s illegal shut-down of Katella and Harbor back in January:


According to CLUE’s Form 990 for 2016 (the most recent available), it had revenues of $748,351. As the table below illustrates, CLUE receives significant funding from labor unions, especially UNITE-HERE Local 11:

One member of CLUE’s Board of Directors is Glynndana Shevlin, a Disneyland Resort cast member who was one of the faces of the successful campaign to impose an $18 minimum wage on targeted Anaheim Resort businesses. Shevlin complained she wasn’t being paid enough, despite acknowledging she had turned down opportunities to enter Disney management training programs.

Also on the CLUE Board of Directors is Shakeel Syed, the executive director Orange County Communities Organized for Responsible Development. OCCORD union-funded political advocacy and community organizing non-profit, and an offshoot of UNITE-HERE Local 11.

According to the job description, the organizer “will engage in regular strategy sessions with campaign partners and religious leaders” throughout Orange County.

CLUE Paying A Not-So-Living-Wage
It’s a 10-month gig from mid-March through the end of the year, and pays a monthly salary of $3,541. Based on a 40-hour work week, that’s $22 an hour. But jobs like this always entail more than 40 hours a week; this position also requires working on “various projects assigned by senior staff that may fall outside the organizer’s primary work.” Really, the true hourly wage CLUE is paying is more like $15-17 an hour.

Not exactly the “living wage” CLUE espouses.

According to the union-funded Economic Roundtable report last year on Disneyland Resort worker compensation – which CLUE loyally endorsed and promoted – the hourly “living wage” for Orange County is $23.

And that’s based on 2017 data.

According to the job description, “driving your own car is required.” No word on whether it must be an EV, or at least a hybrid.

It also says “the Organizer will travel frequently with his/her OC team  to Los Angeles.” That’s a lot of pollutant-emitting time and miles on the freeway. Not very sustainable. And just today, CLUE was urging limiting energy use to help the planet:

Advocating for a living wage while not really paying one. Opining about clean energy while insisting on frequent, internal combustion engine-based commuting by its team.

Not for the first time, there’s one set of rules for the revolutionary vanguard, and another for us proles.


  1. Let them eat cake

  2. Hypocrisy from the Left: You lie.

    Remember, it’s do as I say not as I do.

  3. And if you can not do, does that make you a union rep?

  4. This is the most ridiculous article I’ve seen in a long time. $42,500/year is a decent salary, and while organizing is hard work, it’s meaningful work when the goal is fairness and equity for all. You are just trolling CLUE.

    • Au contraire. I’m applying the ideological standards of modern American progressivism to one of its most vocal local proponents.

      Also, can you define what you mean by “fairness and equity for all”?

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