Councilman Faessel: Economic Recovery Plan Helping Kids, Families, Seniors and Others In Need


District 5 Councilman Steve Faessel

Last month, as part of the Economic Recovery Plan, I voted to approve additional funding to the Anaheim Community Foundation to help non profits serve those effected by the COVID-19 virus.

The ACF to date has issued 1.1 million in rapid response grants to 18 non profits. This grant funding will help kids, families, seniors and other Anaheim residents in need. This is an important step in the Anaheim Recovery plan and will assist many Anaheim residents struggling to get by during these challenging times. I am very thankful that the Community Foundation was able to work so quickly in issuing grants and I am proud to have been a board member for the last 17 years!

In the coming days, I will highlight the good work being done by these community non-profits to help our residents. In the meantime, here if the full list of groups receiving funding so they can continue their work in the community:

o $190,000: Meals on Wheels Orange County for senior outreach, meal delivery and drive-up distribution

o $190,000: Anaheim Family YMCA for 40,000 meals focused on adults

o $125,000: Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Anaheim-Cypress for family meals

o $100,000: Salvation Army Orange County for household supplies for those who are homebound

o $100,000: Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County for two Saturday food distribution events at Honda Center

o $75,000: Community Action Partnership for groceries for needy families in west Anaheim

o $70,000: Orange County Conservation Corps for food vouchers, gift cards and services for 50 or more families

o $35,000: Love Anaheim for groceries and other needs at senior mobile home parks; hygiene kits, gift cards, grocery bags for those living in homelessness

o $30,000: Alzheimer’s Orange County for outreach, household supplies

o $30,000: Children’s Bureau of Southern California for family household supplies

o $30,000: Bracken’s Kitchen for meals and other food services

o $25,000: Caterina’s Club for meals for kids and families

o $25,000: StandUp for Kids OC for groceries and support services for youth

o $20,000: Chrysalis Orange County to help 200 or more people living in homelessness with gift cards, gas cards, bus passes

o $15,000: Eli Home for help to recovering moms to keep families together

o $10,000: Project Dignity for services, groceries and other needs among those living in motels

o $10,000: Sudanese-American Association for meals, groceries and other household needs for Anaheim’s Sudanese-American community

o $5,000: Renewable Farms for produce and other food for families


  1. I need food

    • David Michael Klawe

      John, just call 311 during normal business hours. The city staff will be happy to discuss the multiple food distributions going on, and find which ones are best for you.

  2. David Michael Klawe

    I can personally speak to how much good both the Anaheim Community Foundation and the Faessel Family have done for years, and continues to do during this crisis.

    Seems like every time I attend a function, Steve and Susan are there, even in West Anaheim. And our Family appreciates that so much.

    During this time we need Hope and Faith, and while this started with the Mayor and the City Council agreeing to the funding, it is the volunteers and groups like Love Anaheim that make it happen.

    Here is looking forward to getting Anaheim reopen as soon as possible, and getting back to work.

  3. Steve Faessel does not do any work he shows up for photoshoots making it look like he cares and he helped to make the event happen. when he did nothing but smile.

    • Clearly you don’t know Steve! He’s been a tireless volunteer and advocate for decades. He lives and breathes Anaheim. If you’d been present for any of these events, you would’ve seen it for yourself.

      • David Michael Klawe

        Totally agree. I have been working side by side Councilman Faessel at multiple volunteer events, attending meetings such as the Concerned Citizen about Coyotes, and other functions.

    • Steve Faessel is one of the hardest working councilmembers I have ever seen. He loves Anaheim to the marrow of his bones. He is out in the community ever single day, esepcially lately – helping with food distribution plus more traditional activities.

      Plus, he’s a gentleman and doesn’t conduct himself like a petulant, self-martying drama queen like the councilman from District 3.

      Get a grip.

  4. Stand For Anaheim

    @Brad Anaheim- You clearly re NOT talking about Steve Faessel. He and his wife, Susan, are involved in everything Anaheim. For decades! Decades of service and love for our City. His love and concern comes from a genuine spot and if he can help…HE ALWAYS WILL! So, I encourage you to get to know him more or pay more attention. There is no better public servant than Steve (and Susan)

  5. This is exactly what Americans should be doing, we are one big Nation under God.

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