Hypocrisy: Moreno Urges Followers To Swarm Colleagues’ Social Media, Keeps His Closed To Critics

Councilman Jose F. Moreno: the rules are for my opponents.

Yesterday, Councilman Jose F. Moreon made another appearance on “ITZ Happenin!”, a podcast co-hosted by Joese Gloria Hernandez, a former staffer for the left-wing advocacy group OCCORD and Moreno’s former campaign manager. Appearing with him was former Mayor Tom Tait.

Both of them bashed the agreement negotiated with the Angels to keep them in Anaheim while selling the stadium site to team owner Arte Moreno and getting the taxpayers out of the stadium business.

Among other things, Moreno took some cheap, catty shots at deeply decent Councilman Steve Faessel while Tait suggested taking the $150 million cash portion of the sale price and cutting a $1,500 check to every Anaheim household.

Near the end, Moreno urged viewers to swarm the social media sites of the city and those of his council colleagues. Moreno asserted that as elected officials, his colleagues cannot block the public from commenting on their social media:

“Please go on social media to the city’s social media site – go on Mayor Sidhu’s social media, Steve Faessel’s social media site. They can’t block comments from you because they are elected officials. It’s against the law. It’s your 1st Amendment right to comment on their pages.”

Too bad Councilman Moreno doesn’t take his own advice, because he doesn’t allow every member of the public to comment on his personal Facebook page, where he posts about City of Anaheim issues and engages in discussions about the city. This writer, for example, is blocked from even seeing his Facebook page.  As Councilman Moreno says, that is my 1st Amendment right and preventing this writer  – and who knows how many others – from seeing or commenting on his Facebook page is against the law.

To paraphrase Orwell: some elected officials are more equal than others.


  1. It’s unfortunate that city Councilman Moreno has to ploy such unprofessional tactics. No matter if it is a first amendment right it’s on a thin red line between being legal or being illegal. Attacking Councilman Faessel who always shows he has the utmost professionalism is wrong in so many levels. Councilman Faessel is a great leader who has done more for the residents in Anaheim then Moreno has and will ever.

    Councilman Moreno must alway remember what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  2. Only a brief question. You mentioned you tried Dr. Moreno’s Facebook page(s). Have you tried his Twitter account? If you haven’t tried his Twitter account, I would suggest trying it.

    I’m pretty sure he has the right to block people. Same with any person, as far as I know. So if he has the right, then they have the same right.

    And I don’t approve of you using derogatory-sounding names. I worked for this company, the Anaheim Independent, back in 1980, delivering the news, (perhaps before you were born) and I wouldn’t have thought of doing any such thing.

    • Have you tried his Twitter account?

      Moreno’s Twitter account is viewable, although he uses it much less than Facebook.

      I’m pretty sure he has the right to block people.

      If Moreno were a private citizen, you would be right. However, as an elected official, he doesn’t not have that right – as Moreno himself said during the ITZ Happenin’ podcast on Monday. Like it or not, he is in violation of the law. He has one standard for himself, and another for his political adversaries on the City Council.

  3. I wonder what would happen if the roles were different

  4. You seem to block people all the time, how big is your block list? In fact you delete comments on your social media, the comment counts and actual comments never seem to line up. You are a hypocrite Matthew Cunningham.

    • David Michael Klawe

      Matt Cunningham is not an elected official. He has no legal requirements.

      Dr. Jose Moreno is, and therefore, not allowed to block by law.

  5. Irvine Mayor Christina Shea is being sued for the very same thing you allege Dr. Moreno has done with his Facebook page.

  6. Where is Jeff Letounue, Victor Valladares, Ahmed Zahara and the rest of the “Pride Parade”?

    On Vern Nelsons FB page he laments that Jordan Brandman blocked him and then one of his fellow “Berniecrat”, Ivan Enriquez uses anti-gay language and bashes Jordan for his sexuality.

    Thats not too progressive to me…………Jose, Jose when will CONDEMN Vern and Ivan?

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