Q & A On Othena, The County’s COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduling Platform

Othena Q+A from the OC Health Care Agency:

What is Othena?

The Othena.com site is where interested individuals can register for vaccinations and schedule appointments. To continue their journey with a richer experience, individuals can then download the free Othena app on their smartphones. The app can remind individuals of their appointment day, allow them to reschedule, scan a quick reader (QR) code to check-in and provide wait-time estimates. You can also try to access your account from a desktop.

Who can make appointments through Othena?

Currently, individuals in the Phase 1A classification (all tiers). In addition, those who work as first responders in high-risk communities, or who are 65 years of age or over can register and schedule appointments at www.Othena.com I was not able to get an appointment through Othena.

Can I just go to a County Super Point-of-Dispensing (POD) site to get vaccinated?

No. Vaccinations are by appointment only and anyone showing up without an appointment will be turned away. As additional supplies of vaccine become available, additional appointments will become available and eligibility will open up to other groups. Arriving more than 15 minutes beforehand will not change when you will receive a vaccine.

How is the County prioritizing who receives vaccinations?

The County is prioritizing vaccinations per State guidelines, serving high-risk populations first to reduce mortality rates and open up critical care service availability. Currently, vaccine appointments can be scheduled for individuals under Phase 1A (all tiers), first responders working in high-risk communities and residents 65 years of age and older. How do I find out when I can get vaccinated? Vaccines are being given to the public in a phased, tiered approach. To view a list of tiers of individuals who can receive a vaccine, visit www.COVIDVaccineFacts.com

How can I access the Othena app?

Once you have successfully registered at Othena.com, you can download the smartphone app from the Othena website, or through the Apple store for iPhones.

How can people without Internet access register for vaccination?

People with accessibility issues are encouraged to seek assistance in registering with Othena. The County is also working to establish resources to assist with scheduling with community partners to establish call centers to assist people who do not have internet access. This process is still in the planning stages and more information will be provided as it becomes available.

For individuals who received the first dose of the vaccine, how will they receive the second dose?

Individuals receive vaccine cards listing the lot number and manufacturer of the first dose received (Moderna or Pfizer) and the lot number. The original vaccine medication will be confirmed during the scheduling of second doses, and vaccine cards are verified on-site when the second dose is administered. In addition to making an appointment for your primary vaccine, Othena will ensure you receive the correct second dose at the correct time.

Why is it taking so long to get an appointment in Othena?

Appointments are available through Othena based on vaccine availability. The County is requesting additional vaccines at the state level to exponentially expand access. Additional appointment slots in Othena will open as more doses become available.

When will Othena be available in multiple languages?

The County is actively working to provide translations in County threshold languages. Where are vaccines being distributed? There is an extremely high demand to receive the COVID vaccine. The County is working with Orange County fire services, cities, and other community partners to establish vaccine Super POD sites to meet demand. The County continues to receive vaccine supplies, appropriately allocated among traditional healthcare providers (hospitals, pharmacies, etc.) and Point-of-Dispensing (POD) sites.

What do I need to get vaccinated?

Individuals must register online at Othena.com to indicate their interest in getting vaccinated and to schedule an appointment. Individuals must have an appointment and must show identification and documentation of eligibility at the site to receive a vaccination. No payment or insurance information is required to get vaccinated. For those who do not have Internet access, the County is working with community partners to establish call centers to assist seniors without internet access. This process is still in the planning stages and more information will be provided as it becomes available.

Do senior citizens have to go to the Disneyland Super POD to get vaccinated?

Individuals 65 years of age or older have the option of getting vaccinated at a Super POD site or at alternate sites specifically assisting this population. Information about senior outreach and these senior-friendly locations will be available soon.

When will everyone in Orange County receive the vaccine?

The County of Orange, together with the Orange County fire services, has launched an effort named ‘Operation Independence’ to complete all Orange County vaccinations by July 4, 2021. Who is administering the vaccines? County of Orange, Orange County fire services personnel, volunteer healthcare professionals, and local government volunteers (county and city employees) are administering the vaccines.


  1. who is setting up the super pods. Othena is absolutely non responsive..

    • Is it possible to know the date that I registered?

      I have friends that registered after me have already received their vaccine and I remain in the waiting room.
      I’m concerned that I made an error when I registered. Please let me know what I can do know what should do next.
      Thank you

  2. i can’t make my appointment received an e-mail to do so whay to do next?

    • I have logged into the Othena covid registration site for Orange Co. Ca. I am asked to select a site to receive the vaccine but no site or time are available. Do I just wait to be contacted by e-mail? If so, what happens if I miss that e-mail?

  3. I did register with Othena in 1/11/2021.the email was sent and let me know I was able to schedule my appointment but I missed the email and all those date closed.
    Do I have to register again?
    Please advice and thank you.

  4. Requesting appointment for vaccination. I’m 82 years of age and according to guidelines I am eligible to receive vaccine. Thank you, look forward to hearing from you regarding appointment,

  5. All I get on the app is: No site appointments available in your area (Anaheim) –check back each day…this has been a week now…
    I think it’s not going to work so well 🙁

  6. Please advise on how to get in touch with Othena to update my aunt’s vaccination record. She was vaccinated at Disneyland last Thursday and received a vaccine card. Her Othena account just list her as being waitlisted. I would like to make sure she can get the second dose of Moderna on time. Thank you.

  7. Trying to get an appt. But every time I go to the Othena site, it just keeps saying ‘Loading’. What’s going on?

  8. Gloria Principale

    When will I get an appointment I am already registered

  9. When can I sign up for the second Moderna vacine? I live in Huntington Beach.

  10. Got the first vaccination and had an appointment for the second. First the location and now the time does not show. How do we get an appointment for the next dose within the window? Site is non -responsive.

  11. I am 82 years and my husband 83 years…I registered us both quite a while go for Covid vaccine and heard nothing…we are both first responders…Police and Nurse..Very discouraged with roll out..please help with appt.

  12. registered but could not put in password, completed registration but when I tried to enter. I pressed I forgot my password. it said it would send code to my e-mail to use in changing my password but it never did. I have tried a dozen times over several days but nothing. I have no pass word to access my account if my name is called for a shot availability. I was born 11/24/40, 80 years old and now have no access to registration. I tried to register again and entered a password but it would not take the registration, presumably due to the face that my name is all ready registered. What can I do to get vaccinated?

  13. My wife and I share an e-mail address. I registered myself but when I tries to register her I got a message saying that the e-mail address was already used and the system refused to proceed. How do I get her registered on Othena?

  14. I have registered my husband and me some time ago. He is turning 87 this month and i am 83. i have not been able to get an appt for the vaccine. we live in Laguna Niguel so Soka would be the easiest for us.My children have also tried getting the appointment for us but have not been able to do so. HELP1

  15. I am: 1) Male (higher risk); 2) Over age 65 (higher risk); 3) Have the “underlining condition” of Type II Diabetes (higher risk). I have registered and heard nothing despite being in the highest, at risk population of people needing the vaccine. “WHY” have I not been contacted yet for a scheduled appointment to receive the vaccine? And why are people “of all ages” in Santa Ana and other target-focused communities receiving the vaccine before the highest, at-risk people?

  16. I’m trying to register but it won’t let me. Is the problem due to the fact that my wife and I share an e-mail address??? HELP! My wife’s registration was acceptable but mine didn’t. No explanation as to what the problem was. Is there a PHONE NUMBER I can call?

  17. Received e-mail that I have appt but no site is available???? what do i do???

  18. Maureen FitzGerald

    I have tried to sign up, it resets my password and then says it’s not the right password????

  19. I typed my first and last name but my last name is incorrect !!! My mistake, but, now every time I check for updates my name last name is incorrect!! Help How do I fix this issue. I did correctly spell my husbands last name.

  20. How do I register my wife for a corvid vaccination. We share the same Email account and it will not accept her.

  21. Debbie Wilson Stone

    Can I just print out a copy of the email confirmation? My father does not have a QR app.

  22. Does anyone know how to cancel an appointment. I’m going to be out of town on the day that I have my second shot, and I cannot find away to postpone the second shot.

  23. My husband and I were able to register and after about 3 1/2 weeks got our appoints and had our first vaccinations. But now I am trying to register my 94 year old father and mother and once I complete the online registration information it won’t let me submit it. I have tried and tried over and over. Nothing happens. What can can I do??

  24. I have an appointment I need to cancel, received second vaccine at a small site, but can’t figure out how to cancel my second appointment on Othena

    • I am Yolanda and Lupe Joe Fernandez.
      We received our 1st injection at Soka on February 3rd. 12:15 pm. We need to change our time to early morning or late as possible. Next day the 25th is ok also.

      Can you help me reschedule?? We received Phizer injections

  25. I tried to register twice however the Othena.com website tells me the email I entered is already register, but I never received any emails confirming my registration or got a chance to select an apt date.

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