Sidhu Recall Organizers Admit Their Campaign Has Failed

Yesterday, the ersatz spokesman/leader of the campaign to recall Mayor Harry Sidhu admitted the effort is a failure.  In a post on his Orange Juice Blog, Vern Nelson confessed “there was no way we could collect 17,000 signatures to recall the corrupt Mayor Sidhu by the deadline this weekend.”

Nelson blamed the campaign’s failure on the “severity of the [COVID-19] pandemic in December and January.” In fact, Nelson and other proponents launched the recall nearly a year ago. They were initially delayed due to their bungling of filing and notification requirements, but in subsequent months – as the pandemic ground on – campaign organizers like Nelson routinely claimed widespread voter support for their effort and virtually guaranteed the recall would qualify.   Other than some sign-up tables at La Palma Park and other locations for a few weekends, it’s unclear what the recallers did to gather signatures.

Equally unclear is how many signatures the recall actually gathered. Campaign organizers have not disclosed that number, and one suspects it wasn’t anywhere close to 17,000.

Blaming COVID is a cop-out. The pandemic hasn’t stopped the Newsom recall, which will almost certainly qualify for the ballot. Seasoned observers can reasonably conclude the Sidhu recall crashed and burned due to both a lack of voter support and the ineptitude of its organizers.

Left-wing Councilman Jose F. Moreno had said he would run in the replacement election if the recall qualified. With the recall sputtering to an end, Moreno faces being termed out in 2022.

Last year, while the Sidhu recall was supposedly steamrolling along, Nelson also announced her and his allies would also target District 2 Councilman Jordan Brandman for a recall.  Even while admitting the failure of the Sidhu recall, Nelson vowed to get Councilman Brandman. Among the litany of reasons cited by Nelson:

Carpetbagged in 2018 from his home in the Colony, just to run in West Anaheim against James Vanderbilt whom he thought would be easier to beat than Jose Moreno.

Nelson omits is that Vanderbilt also “carpetbagged” into District 2. In fact, both Brandman and Vanderbilt were initially elected to the council on an at-large basis. Both live in what became District 3 and subsequently moved to District 2 (in Brandman’s case, after losing the District 3 election to Jose F. Moreno).

During the November election, the same faction behind the Sidhu recall also served as the de facto campaign for District 5 candidate Kenneth Batiste. Nelson confidently claimed strong voter support for Batiste, who ultimately finished a distant last, behind the equally quixotic campaign of Savrina Quezada.

In his post, Nelson claims former Councilmen Vanderbilt is “considering” running in the unlikely event this group can qualify a Brandman recall. That would be interesting, considering Vanderbilt essentially gave up on his 2018 re-election bid – spending only half the $149,000 he lent his campaign and paying himself back the balance. [Last year, Councilwoman Denise Barnes cast a similar vote-of-no-confidence in her campaign, paying herself back the $7,000 she had loaned her campaign rather than spend it on her re-election effort).

Given the organizers history of being long on claims and short on results, skepticism of this latest recall effort is in order.


  1. We don’t need a Sidhu recall…jeeez What we need is Anaheim to have a backbone and open up the Schools and the city. The Gavin recall will get on the ballot lets get rid of this parasite.

    • Tell you what, anyone who voted for recall, please put what you would have done differently in writing so we all can see how brilliantly you would have handled Covid. Please include how you would have handled schools , safety requirements and lack of vaccines and lack of mask wearing. Any recall members , please respond. Looking forward to hearing from you

  2. The pandemic is largely over but if you believe the scientific BS on TV it will never be over. Numbers are way down over the last 4 weeks.

    • Kim, please tell me what states are enjoying any semblance of normalcy. Please check your information carefully. And if you find one, pack your bags and move there.. Will wait for any information

  3. Well, that's just unfortuate

    Well, that’s just unfortunate as, the man hasn’t done SH*T for Anaheim and can’t even wear a proper face mask correctly in Public. LETS. TRY. THIS. AGAIN!

  4. The only people that are keeping this plandemic going ,is each and every one of us that live in Southern California. There are entire states that never quarantined or locked down, and they are enjoying the best economic turn up for them. Stand up and say “no more”, before every small business has closed for good.

  5. Kim, please tell me what states are enjoying any semblance of normalcy. Please check your information carefully. And if you find one, pack your bags and move there.. Will wait for any information

  6. Wow. I watched Mr. and Mrs. Nelson at the recent council meeting. She is a real Thespian no?

    And wait how can Vern and Donna post that they are COVID-19 Positive and less than two weeks later speak live at a council meeting? That doesn’t seem SAFE to me!

    • That was painful to watch/listen to.

      I feel for that poor woman, losing her son, no matte how. To watch be used and manipulated by those losers is horrible.

      Hopefully she can find her voice someday.

    • Julie T. in Laguna

      Mr. Nelson can be seen calling a councilmember “STUPID” on his blog. Funny thing is after watching Donna speak (or try to) at that meeting, I don’t think ANYBODY in that family should be using the word “STUPID” to describe anyone. As for the others at the employment challenged blog, I wonder how the others on the compassionate left will receive the editors comments calling a sitting member of congress a “EXPLITIVE EXPLITIVE” or gay baiting Jordan.

      And I presume only “SMART PEOPLE” get five DUI’s or try and run for office for which you are banned.

  7. No. No. No. Mrs. Nelson explained that a can of soup fell on her face (the left eye) the cabinet .ust be right handed! Or “one punch Doug stopped by.

  8. A Rambling Wreck From Georgia Tech

    It is rumor Ed that Vern and his band of unemployed losers have recruited a disgraced OC GOP activist, who get this….. lives in Georgia!

    Watch the out of state blurbs and jabs as this guy spews his homophobic and race baiting posts on OJB and FACEBOOK, Where I am given to understand Nelson is close to reaching his Disneyland staus: BANNED!

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to defend this clowns “Tinkerbell” comment. I guess there are NO GAYS in Georgia!

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