COVID: Disneyland Super POD Closing Temporarily; 3rd SuperPOD Opening At Anaheim Convention Center

The County of Orange is temporarily closing the Disneyland COVID vaccination Super POD due to lack of vaccines, while announcing plans for a third vaccination super POD at the Anaheim Convention Center.

“The expected Moderna vaccine delivery on Tuesday, February 16, did not arrive. As a result, Moderna vaccine inventory is very low,” according to a county press release.

In accordance with state guidelines, the County decided to close the Disneyland mass vaccination center through Monday, February 22, pending delivery more Moderna vaccines.

The Disneyland Super POD distributes to Moderna vaccine, which is given in two doses, spaced four weeks apart.

Another Mass COVID Vaccination Opening In Anaheim
The County of Orange also announced it will open the third mass COVID vaccination center (of a planned five such sites) at the Anaheim Convention Center on February 24, two days after the Disneyland site resumes operations.

At that point, the Disneyland Super POD will switch to dispensing the Pfizer vaccine, which is administered in two doses, three weeks apart.

The Anaheim Convention Center Super POD will use the Moderna vaccine. Anyone who received their first Moderna dose at the Disneyland site will receive their second dose at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The second dose appointment will remain at the same date and time; only the location will change,” according to the county’s press release. “Othena will send a notification to everyone whose appointment location is affected by this change.”

The Disneyland Super POD has been averaging 5,000 vaccinations a day; the new vaccination super site at the Anaheim Convention Center is expected to match that.  Since the vaccinations will be administered indoors, the new Super POD will avoid being shut down by rain or severe winds, as has happened to the outdoor Disneyland super site on several occasions.

Mayor Harry Sidhu welcomed the locating of the Couty’s third vaccination supersite in Anaheim.

“These two sites will provide more options for Anaheim residents to get vaccinated where they live, while also serving people from across Orange County,” said Sidhu.

The Disneyland supersite had administered 150,000 COVID vaccines as of February 16, according to a staff presentation at this week’s Anaheim City Council meeting, and more than half-a-million county-wide.

According to the County’s website, 699,971 individuals have registered for vaccination via the website and 205,058 doses have been administered. Vaccination appointments are currently beng scheduled for those who registered on on or before January 23.



  1. I need to reschedule my appointment which is tomorrow at 12:00 for my second Pfizer shot. How can I do this. When I click on the reschedule app no other dates or times come up. My wife and I got our first shot at SOKA. I would like to go back to DOKA with her.

  2. Charles Dennis Soderin

    How do I remove my wife’s and my name from the list. We were able to get our shots thru CVS.

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