Can California Cities Survive The Virus?

People throughout the country have a greater affection for their cities than any other level of government.  They may not know their mayor or council members by name, but they most positively embrace the services and value that these local-est of governments provides. And this affection is not unwarranted.  People feel that they can get more done at the local ...

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COVID-19 Update From City Of Anaheim: Steps To Re-Opening

From the City of Anaheim: Saying stay at home “cannot be a permanent state,” Gov. Gavin Newsom has outlined six points California will be looking to as part of a gradual, eventual transition to some parts of normal life. As expected, though, the governor did not provide a date for easing California’s stay at home order, which remains until further ...

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COVID-19: Sidhu Asks Council To Approve Temporary Eviction Moratorium

The coronavirus pandemic has hit California communities like a whirlwind, and Anaheim is no exception. The Anaheim Resort (including the Disney parks), the Anaheim Convention Center and a number of venues temporarily closed down last week. Anaheim City Hall shut down earlier this week out of an abundance of caution. The iconic Anaheim White House is shutting down for the ...

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