OC Board of Education

Rich, Anti-Charter School Candidates For OC Board of Ed Closing On $1 Million In Campaign Spending

Two rich progressive Democrat candidates running for the OC Board of Education on anti-charter school, pro-union platforms are spending their personal funds at a record-breaking pace. Andy Thorburn, a left-wing Democrat who live in the wealthy enclave of Villa Park, has already pumped $650,000 of his personal wealth into his campaign to unseat Area 3 incumbent Dr. Ken Williams, a ...

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Is Paulette Chaffee Claiming Court-Ordered Community Service Makes Her An “Educator”?

Paulette Chaffee is the wife of Orange County Supervisor Doug Chaffee, who was narrowly elected to represent the 4th Supervisor District in November 2018. While her husband, a Fullerton councilman, was running for the Board, Paulette Chaffee was running for the Fullerton City Council. During the campaign she was caught on video stealing campaign signs attacking her candidacy and arrested. ...

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