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AUHSD Makes Woke “Ethnic Studies” A Graduation Requirement

On May 6, the Anaheim Union High School District Board of Education voted unanimously to require students to take Ethnic Studies in order to graduate from high school. Anaheim Independent will have more on that decision. The Anaheim Elementary School District Board of Education took the same action last year, and a new state law mandates that all Cal State ...

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J. Paolo Magcalas Thinks Thanksgiving Is Racist And Must Be “De-Colonized”

In October, we examined the missionary progressive ideology underlying the birth of Ethnic Studies programs in the Anaheim Union High School District.  It’s chief apostle in AUSHD is J. Paolo Magcalas, a former Loara High School history teacher who established the district’s first Ethnic Studies program in order to “liberate” students from the “oppression” of traditional U.S. history curriculum. Magcalas ...

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Rediscovering The Wisdom In American History

[From the Editor: We live in a time when a highly-ideological cadre of academics and educators, with growing boldness, seek to use our public schools as vehicles teaching our youth to view America’s founding and history in a warped and negative way. This is evident in the model state ethnic studies curriculum being fashioned for use in public high schools. ...

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AUHSD Is Ground Zero For Pushing Politicized Ethnic Studies Curriculum

We posted earlier today about the alarming draft Ethnic Studies curriculum being considered by the state as a model for local public schools to use. Readers can review the model curriculum here. It becomes quickly apparent to primary thrust of this curriculum is to inculcate students with a particular and radical political world view. The authors of this curriculum even ...

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Scholar: Draft Model Ethnic Studies Curriculum Is Handbook For Classroom Propagandizing

Three years ago, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill to develop a model “ethnic studies” curriculum for California’s public schools. It was a compromise arising from legislation to impose ethnic studies as a high school graduation requirement. The self-described intent of this curriculum, according to its executive summary: “At its core, the field of ethnic studies is the interdisciplinary study ...

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New AUHSD Assistant Principal: No Ethnic Studies In School Equals “Structural Racism”

Jose Lara, the new Assistant Principal of Dale Junior High School in Anaheim, thinks public schools that don’t offer “ethnic studies” classes are guilty of “structural racism” and has praised violent communist leaders Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh as role models for our youth. Jose Lara has a long-track as a radical leftist activist and leader of the Ethnic ...

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