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AUHSD Vice Principal Floats Idea Of Racially-Segregated School

A long time ago, in a political culture far, far away, progressives opposed segregation, especially in public schools. They believed the law should be color-blind and the government should not discriminate or treat individuals differently due to their race or ethnicity. Now, you have “social justice educators” – infused with the ideas of Paolo Freire, Critical Pedagogy and Critical Race ...

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AUSHD Is Ground Zero For Pushing Politicized Ethnic Studies Curriculum

We posted earlier today about the alarming draft Ethnic Studies curriculum being considered by the state as a model for local public schools to use. Readers can review the model curriculum here. It becomes quickly apparent to primary thrust of this curriculum is to inculcate students with a particular and radical political world view. The authors of this curriculum even ...

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New AUHSD Assistant Principal: No Ethnic Studies In School Equals “Structural Racism”

Jose Lara, the new Assistant Principal of Dale Junior High School in Anaheim, thinks public schools that don’t offer “ethnic studies” classes are guilty of “structural racism” and has praised violent communist leaders Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh as role models for our youth. Jose Lara has a long-track as a radical leftist activist and leader of the Ethnic ...

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