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Why Do Al Jabbar and Co. Insist On Keeping AUHSD Schools Closed?

Next week, Anaheim Elementary School District students will return to school for limited in-person instruction.  However, their older siblings in Anaheim Union High School District schools will still be stuck at home, trying to learn from a computer screen, for the rest of the school year. Why?  The AUHSD is an outlier among public schools, most of which – guided ...

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AUHSD Parents Launch Recall Of Three District Trustees

A group of Anaheim Union High School District parents upset at the sudden and unexplained sacking without cause of Superintendent Elizabeth Novack, have decided to launch a campaign to recall the three AUHSD Trustees Al Jabbar, Katherine Smith and Annemarie Randel-Trejo who voted for the termination, an action opposed by Trustees Brian O’Neal and Anna Piercy. Lori Diniwddie, one of the ...

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Katherine Smith Lays the Smear On Jordan Brandman

It is an old political trick: file a complaint against Candidate X with a government agency. Then, when that agency responds as it is supposed to by saying, “Tes, we’ll look into it,” the candidate’s opponent(s) send out mail saying “Candidate X is being investigated by (fill in government agency name here)!” Usually it’s done by filing a complaint with ...

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