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District 5: Ken Batiste Repeatedly Violating Campaign Donor Disclosure Law

Anaheim Independent reported last week how District 4 council candidate Annemarie Randle-Trejo has been blowing off laws governing disclosure of her campaign donors. She isn’t the only one. Over in District 5, Ken Batiste has been having trouble complying with campaign finance disclosure law. The period during which candidates are required to disclose contributions of more than $1,000 within 24 ...

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Batiste Campaign: Food For Votes

They’re at it again. In August, it came out the Kenneth Batiste campaign was in disadvantaged neighborhoods in District 5, handing out food boxes topped with Batiste for City Council campaign flyers. Using food to appeal for votes was the brainchild of local blogger and Democrat activist Vern Nelson. A backlash prompted him to admit having the campaign use food ...

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OC Democratic Party Deadlocks On Endorsement In District 5 Council Race

A split Democratic Party of Orange County Central Committee was unable to make an endorsement in the District 5 city council race last night, as committee members deadlocked between the two Democrat candidates, Kenneth Batiste and Sabrina Quezada. Councilman Steve Faessel, a lifelong Anaheim resident, businessman and city historian with many years of active civic and community involvement, is running ...

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Progressive Vote-Buying and Cancel Culture In District 5 Race

The District 5 council race is the scene of some questionable vote-buying by the Kenneth Batiste campaign, plus a related bout of left-wing cancel culture. On Facebook this Sunday, Yesenia Rojas, a union member and community activist who has generally sided with the Tait-Moreno side in Anaheim’s civic battles, called out left-wing blogger Vern Nelson for putting Kenneth Batiste campaign ...

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