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Paolo Magcalas Urges Passage Of $12 Billion Property Tax Increase

Proposition 15 will partially repeal the property tax limits of landmark Proposition 13 and impose a massive increase in commercial property taxation – a tax hike that will trickle down to small business owners in the form of higher rents, to consumers in the form of higher prices, and everyone in the form of few jobs and higher cost of ...

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Moreno Support for Prop. 15: Putting Government Profit Over People

On Tuesday, shortly before the beginning of the Anaheim City Council meeting, Councilman Jose F. Moreno shared an Anaheim Brewery Facebook post and urged people to “support local business”: A few hours later, Moreno was arguing in favor of Proposition 15 – a ballot initiative that would hurt small businesses like Anaheim Brewery by dramatically raising commercial property taxes. In ...

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Trevor O’Neil Leads City Council Majority In Opposing Prop. 15 Property Tax Hike

Last night, the Anaheim City Council approved a resolution opposing Proposition 15, the controversial, government union-backed initiative to repeal Prop. 13 limits on commercial property taxation. Currently, Proposition 13 – passed overwhelmingly by the voters in June 1978 – limits the property tax rate for both residential and commercial property to 1% of the assessed value at purchase, and limits ...

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